Survey of materials and experimentation of innovative plant solutions, in order to optimize the use of the resource and to comprehensively enhance the direct use of heat, within smart cities and (small) local DHC networks.

Tools to support the construction and maintenance of heat distribution networks

Plate heat exchangers, to optimize the energy efficiency of district heating house substations.

Infrared camera to identify heat losses

Field devices to measure flows, thermal stress, material hardness, as well as pressure gauges, thickness gauges, etc.

Operating tests of geothermal heat pump systems

Geothermal heat pump kit, connectable to closed and open loop geothermal systems, that can be used to perform operating tests in different places and working geological conditions.

High efficiency Rossato ACTEA S HT fixed water/water heat pump, connected to a series of existing borehole heat exchangers, to be used as demonstrative pilot plant operating in extreme conditions.