Measurement and characterization of geothermal resources and fluids.

Analysis of the stable isotopes (δ18O and δD) of fluids

In the CEGLab, it is possible to carry out the analysis of stable isotopes δ18O and δD (with Picarro L2120-i), after performing chemical analysis on water samples. This allows a complete characterization of fluids and the reconstruction of hydrogeological/geothermal flows, in order to implement good practices for the sustainable exploitation of low and high temperature geothermal systems

Laboratory and field physical and chemical analysis of fluids

Multiparametric probes to perform laboratory and field physical-chemical measurements (T, pH, eH, conductivity) of water samples.

Phreatimeters, portable flow meters, well multiparametric probes to carry out temperature and electrical conductivity measurements and for low-temperature water.

Geothermal measurements in closed loop systems

Systems to perform the Ground Response Test (with Geogert 2.0), to carry out the necessary measurements to design borehole heat exchanger (BHE) fields and quality test on installed borehole heat exchangers.

The system is composed of two high-precision measurement modules which employ calculation procedures of BHE and of laying-soil parameters.

The two modules are synchronized with each other, in order to perform the following tests:

  • Pressure tests
  • Flow-through tests
  • Measuring the undisturbed underground temperature
  • Tests on the thermal yield of the BHE-soil system

Laboratory and field thermal conductivity measures, on soil, rocks and sediments.