Co.Svi.G. S.c.r.l. – Project financed in the framework of the POR FESR 2014-2020

Temporary management for the development and refocusing the business strategy of the Laboratory of the Centre of Excellence for Geothermal Energy – Larderello (TMCEGLAB)

The project implementation was cofinanced with structural funds of the Tuscany Region, whithin the framework of the Regional Development Programme for Growth and Jobs of the European Regional Development Fund (Erdf) 2014-2020, Action 1.1.2 “Support for the purchase of services for the echnological, strategic, organizational and commercial innovation of companies”. Domanda CUP 11429.27102016.098000617


With the purpose of overcoming some difficulties linked to the start-up phase of the CEGLab and therefore to its definitive market launch, Co.Svi.G. (Consortium for the Development of Geothermal Areas), the company which owns and manages the laboratory, obtained an economic contribution from the POR FESR 2014-2020 fund, Action 1.1.2. This public funding allowed to cover 60% of total costs to implement activities planned for the TMCEGLAB Project and linked to the consultancy of CDiManager srl: a purpose company of Federmanager, the leader in sectors of Temporary Management and leader in the sector of Temporary Management services and in searching and selecting managerial positions.

During the first TMCEGLAB project phase, aimed at reorganize the internal organization of the laboratory, a business model and an organizational chart of the CEGLab were drawn up, after a preliminary identification of strengths and the critical aspects of the laboratory organization, as well as the needs of potential customers and current Co.Svi.G. partners, involved in the geothermal sector and in direct uses of geothermal heat. After the first phase, which involved several contacts through focused meetings and during which the Temporary Manager identified strength and weaknesses of the CEGLab, as well as needs of potential customers, a business model and an organization chart of CEGLab, in order to respond effectively to market needs. With the same purposes, researches were carried out, also at international level, to identify already existing similar laboratories. In the second project part, the business model proposed by the Temporary Manager, both to provide consulting services and equipment rental, was implemented and tested in reference markets, applying some corrections to make it more effective for proposed aims.

CEGLab Temporary management activities allowed to the laboratory to have a well-structured workforce, with part of staff members hired during the TMCEGLAB implementation, where as part of staff members will be hired during 2018. External senior professionals will also be available to the laboratory, which will collaborate with CEGLab technicians. Co.Svi.G. also financed a PhD fellowship in 2017, which also includes research activities at the laboratory. Finally, partnerships with potential customers and with professional associations started during the TMCEGLAB implementation. Some of these collaborations were formalized by framework agreements and one of these allowed the organization of a training event in the CEGLab.

In the first half of 2018, the laboratory also provided advisory services in the field of closed loop shallow geothermal systems.